POD Surfing Gear

Is crafted with the highest grade materials and keeps you catching waves throughout those long surf sessions.

Every surfer knows the importance of a good leg leash and at POD, we’ve engineered a model that’s the first of its kind – a leg rope that beats everything on the market, today.

Our innovative technology, POD Connection, allows your leg leash to stretch up to SIX times its original length – something you won’t find anywhere else. If you’ve never experienced the surfing difference POD Connection Advance leg ropes and POD Connection Competition leg ropes makes, it’s something you absolutely need to and is well worth the investment. We also offer a variety of surfing gear, including premium wax kits, comfortable rash guards and custom cloth surfboard covers.

POD has launch SURFDUST® a signature surfboard line and features top-quality pro epoxy surfboards, mini mals, fish tail mini mals, tri fins surfboards, shortboards, bamboo surfboards, soft surfboards, twin fin fish tail soft surfboards, beginner surfboards and kids softboards.