SURFDUST® Surfboards exclusively distributed by POD Ware.

SURFDUST Introduction Surf Boards to Performance Epoxy Surfboards are hand shaped and manufactured with innovative designs that include the very latest cutting-edge performance materials.

SURFDUST Epoxy Surfboards are available in a range of sizes and shapes from short surfboards to fun, minimal surfboards. These boards come with the option of either a rounded square tail, and some models feature beautiful bamboo veneer inlay.

All SURFDUST Surfboards fitted with either FCS GX, G3 or G5 fins, the performance Dusted and PRO Grom Series equip with original FCS fin boxes and carbon rails and tail protection.

POD Stickers are free with every surfboard accessory purchased, i.e., knitted board covers, leg ropes, competition leashes and wax.

Free Stickers - Please send an enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope to POD Ware Pty Ltd Head Office U1 8-18 Wurrook Circuit CARINGBAH NSW 2229 Australia.