How to Bodysurf: Learn to Use a POD Body Surfing Handboard

30th Nov 2023

How to Bodysurf with a POD Handboard Place your hand on the handboard in the natural swimming position and strap it on firmly, pointing your fingers towards the POD logo while keeping your thumb … read more

POD Bodysurfing Handboards History - Successful 30 Years

12th Nov 2023

POD® Handboards Since 1993 Armed with love for design and a passion for the water, Shane Vassallo spent many years in research and development before introducing his unique handboards in the late … read more

How to Choose a Bodysurfing Handboard

3rd Oct 2023

The above physics and graphics of a human hydrofoil or a body surfer.What is the correct size bodysurfing handboard that will best suit the individual? I have had many questioning this theory; th … read more

POD Handboards Magazine Publications

9th May 2023

POD Bodysurfing Handboards in the Media As shown in the photos below POD® Handboards have attracted the attention of the media appearing in magazines all over the world. We particularly like this … read more

How to Body Surf Like A Pro

9th Mar 2023

How to Body Surf (With or Without a Body Surfing Handboard and Swim Fins) The art of body surfing is the purest form of communication with the ocean waves. It’s also one of the most enjoyable activi … read more