Bodysurfing Handboards

POD Handboards or bodysurfing handplanes are available in a classic lightweight solid plastic or various wood species.

The wood range is CAD computer-aided design, precision CNC machining, laser engravings, hand-finished and hand-assembled. We don't manufacture timber bodysurfing handplanes with a single flat surface.

Regardless of which model POD Handboard, they are engineered and designed to last the distance with years of bodysurfing, providing lift, speed and greater control.

With the vast debate around single-use plastic bags in our oceans, POD solid plastic handboards will outlast one's lifetime, therefore, are sustainable and responsible manufacturing.

The wooden POD Handboards or timber handplanes are not only environmentally correct, but wood also produces the best performance wave after wave.

With the correct wood densities, bodysurfing handboards are naturally neutral buoyant!

POD Ware is proud of the products we offer our customers that are long-lasting and stand the test of time.

POD Bodysurfing Handboards History - Successful 30 Years