POD Ware Pty Ltd ABN: 69100685041 formerly known as POD Design Pty Ltd ABN: 28065056224, formerly known as POD Handboards Pty Ltd, was officially established in 1993 by founder Shane Vassallo.

Renowned in the bodysurfing, bodyboarding, surfing, and swimming industries, POD is well-known for successfully innovating products by incorporating working fundamentals with advanced technical design – making huge advances in the water sports world.

POD Ware endlessly researches new development techniques, giving us the ability to proudly deliver product innovations unparalleled in the market, today. All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards, using premium grade components and materials and designed with the user in mind.

POD also strives to create important environmental solutions by producing longer lasting products that reduce the impact on the environment and decrease the volume in landfills. We believe in doing our part to contribute to greener practices worldwide and are happy to bring you products that promote them.

These principles have come from the simplicity of taking our own unique direction in design and working with YOU – the people who support and love our products – to get the best feedback possible and, in return, produce the best surf line possible.

POD Ware innovation is all about purpose, right down to the finest contour. Crafting high-quality and durable equipment is an integral part of our mission. The biggest challenge, alongside functionality, is creating enduring forms not visually belonging to any era. This gives the products you buy a “timeless” quality.

This is the integrity and passion of POD, which fuels our driving force to continually provide innovative and premium-quality products, allowing you to take on the elements with confidence.

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