POD is continually designing unique components for various model Leg Ropes/Surfboard Leashes that best suit different surfing conditions and surfboards. For more product details please follow the below links.

POD Classic Surfers Leg Ropes

Are produced with Premium Grade Components this ensure maximum strength in surf conditions, designed for total freedom of movement in the ocean when surfing without the loss of reliability between a surfer and their surfboard.


POD Connection - Superior Competition Leg Ropes

Harnesses the structure of strength in nature resulting in an advanced urethane cord with unbeatable stretch. The unique integration of the connector and the cord allows the force to be distributed equally when under pressure without twisting, tangling or over spinning cord or swivel.  All the other components remain as light as possible without sacrificing strength and quality.


POD Connection - Superior Leg Ropes

Are the world’s strongest connection between a leg rope and a swivel connector over moulding - Stretching to 6 times its original length when *Strength Tested. "It’s in the structural strength of both POD connectors that allows the urethane cord to stretch further".