SURFDUST Flexible Softboard Fins

SURFDUST has a variety of Soft Surfboard Fin combinations - SD2 Medium Fins and SD4 Large Fins that retro fits most soft boards.

SD2 Medium Softboards Fins

SD2 softboard fins best performs on the 5ft softboards, otherwise an excellent left and right side fins in all other size SURFDUST softboards, they are lightweight, flexible polyurethane with safety in mind, providing nice drive while offering good release and directional turns.


SD4 Large Softboards Fins

The SD4 softboard fins are incredibly flexible lightweight polyurethane providing exceptional drive, while offering quick flex release and fast directional turns.

SD4 fins also perform as a centre fin in combination with the SD2 side fins on all soft surfboards up to the 6.6ft and a they are the perfect tri fins on all soft foam surfboards up to 9ft.

This combination of the SD2 side fins and the SD4 centre fin will enhance the style and performance of the 5.6ft, 5.8ft, 5.9ft and 6.0ft SURFDUST softboards in variety of wave conditions.