Surfdust Epoxy Surfboard Construction

SURFDUST Surfboards are constructed with the very latest materials and manufacturing knowledge.

SURFDUST Surfboards are constructed with multiple layers of epoxy resin, woven biaxial/multi-axes fibreglass mesh is wrapped and epoxy resined around a EPS core and bonded to a high-grade laminated epoxy resin timber stringer.

As a result the material combination and construction methods provide a lightweight, extremely durable high strength to weight ratio surfboards.

They are very responsive, sensitive and versatile to the surfers actions in a wide variety of wave conditions to heavier beach and reef breaks.

Plus it gives the travelling surfer's piece of mind, their surfboard as the durability when in their board cover.


Surfdust Epoxy Bamboo Surfboard Construction

SURFDUST Eco Touch Bamboo Mini-Mal Surfboards have a very similar construction method as the performance surfboards with additional benefits of extra coated layers of epoxy resin in between the bamboo and or wood veneer, which facilitate a much stronger surfboard.