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Handboarding at its Best - The Classic Solid Recyclable Plastic POD Handboards Available in Vibrant Pearl Colours

We have the long standing 25year results! Our customers love the outstanding durability (so strong you could drive a vehicle over) and performance of our POD Bodysurfing Handboards also called hand-planes or hand-surfers.

Our Australian made bodysurfing hand boards are durable, lightweight and neutral buoyancy thanks to the solid recyclable polypropylene construction with mineral base pearl colour pigments.

The concave-shaped bottom and keel fin are specifically designed for fast lift and will help to make you a wave-holding expert!

Our handboards keep your hands in the natural swimming position and the double padded board straps and palm deck pad makes them comfortable to use. If you’re looking for extra speed, lift and control then our POD Handboards should be on the top of your list!

Neutral Buoyancy Hand-boards

A bodysurfing hand board or hand plane should be neutral buoyancy; they are more comfortable to swim with when cutting into the surface of the water with no extra load to your swimming stroke, also its more accessible to stroke the board to the middle of your body maintaining excellent balance.

Body surfing hand boards that are over buoyant make it challenging to cut into the surface of the water while swimming, it also adds extra load to your hand, wrist and arm, furthermore twisting your body to one side.

  • Check out our new Hand Body Soul® Wood Bodysurfing handboards you can bodysurf either way

  • State of the art of bodysurfing, our finest crafted Cedar Walnut solid timber POD Handboards available in three sizes

POD Handboard Features

  • Solid recyclable polypropylene construction is lightweight, durable and neutral buoyancy
  • The hand is placed and strapped into the natural swimming position, directly above the board’s pivot point and keel fin
  • Extra comfort double-padded neoprene hand strap, includes under palm deck grip
  • Left-handed users can change the wrist cord to the left side
  • The concave bottom and keel fin ensures rapid elevation and increased the wave-holding capability

*Note: We highly recommend adjusting the hand strap snug once over your hand. With further use just slide your hand in between the strap and the deck grip. This will ensure the Velcro remains attached and lasts for many years.

POD Handboard Tips are available on the following link, www.podware.com.au/handboard-tips.

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5 Average based on 11 reviews Write a Review
Written by Stuart on 15th Apr 2021

Plastic POD

I went for this one on the price point and the fact that it uses recycled plastic in it's construction. This a well made unit, I like the strap and the plane works fine for me. I end for ended it, to see how it would go with the "short" end forward and decided I didn't like the instability in that direction. I do find that some of my other handplanes are easier to swim with, but that's not a deal breaker...

Written by Craige Sloots on 8th Dec 2020


Excellent service and delivery. Ordered these and fins as a Christmas present, and received update that they had been dispatched within 24 hours, and received promptly within a week. Well done to the Podware team for great customer service.

Written by Simon on 3rd Mar 2020

24 Years...

My Dad found these in a surf shop in Bondi junction when i was 15 years old, he got a wooden one and picked up one of these for me kicking off a love of body surfing, back then i could throw it and some fins in a bag and catch the bus to the beach, or ride my bike, easy, very durable, 3 of my mates ended up with them as well. It's still going strong 24 years later, I'm 39 this year, don't think I've even replaced the strap...

Written by undefined on 2nd Mar 2015

Pod Handboard

I have had a Pod Handboard for around 10 years and recently had to purchase another one as my son kept taking mine whenever we are were at the beach. We both love them.

Written by Craig on 3rd Sep 2014

8yrs later

I love your products. Used the same hand board for 8 yrs its still good to go, just need to replace the hand board and wrist strap. Keep up the good work!

Written by Paul J on 14th Jan 2014


Smooth,light and worth buying. Easy to use and they feel great on a wave. Delivery services is the best :)

Written by Christopher P. Hunt on 11th Feb 2013

Green Slide

Only used it once so far but lots of potential. Step up from my old handboard and in lime green it not only performs it looks good to. Looking forward to some cleaner waves to really give it a whirl.

Written by Janet on 21st Dec 2012


I bought this wonderful looking Pod for my grandson for Christmas. I'll be interested in his view after his holiday. Thank you for your efficient service and for producing a quality product.

Written by undefined on 16th Dec 2012

great service

Prompt, efficient and friendly service. Most impressed by personnel nature Good quality products

Written by undefined on 1st Oct 2012


I bought one for my husband for fathers day - when asked for his review he said "Awesome!". I just bought another for my father, a keen body surfer, for christmas. Great service as well.