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Our customers love the outstanding performance and durability of our Australian made solid plastic Pod Handboards - No. 1 Bodysurfing Handboard.

To celebrate over 25years of handboard manufacturing, Shane Vassallo has now designed the new Hand Body Soul® Max 5 plywood hand board range. Also, a new 316 grade stainless steel webbing hand-strap bridge.

Now you can ride a POD handboard either way

Just like the POD logo ambigram (can be turned 180 degrees still reads the same), now for the very first time in bodysurfing! Shane has also designed this new versatile Hand Body Soul® bodysurfing handplanes that can be ridden either way!

Versatile bodysurfing experience

Long Handboard Position

Have the nose (longest section of the board) in front of your hand for the extra planing surface for full waves.

Short Handboard Position

Turn the board (180 degrees) the other way and have the tail (short section) in front of your hand for barrelling waves.

Maximising the Handplane/Handboard Planing Surface

Also, the new ultra-light Max 5 cottonwood hand board shape, "maximises" the board's planing surface area. In conjunction with the concave, provides the optimum lift, speed, and control in the surf.

Remarkably, this hand surfer is the exact length and width with less weight compare to the classic solid plastic model, with the extra advantage maximising the surface area, providing better planing abilities when bodysurfing across the wall of the wave.

So, if you’re looking for the extra lift, speed, and control body surfing across the wall of the Wave? Then our new hand finished Max 5 wooden POD Handboard should be on the top of your list!

The concave bottom is specifically engineering for rapid lift versus force, this will assist in your body surfing and wave-holding skills without your board sliding downwards!

While our Hand Body Soul® wooden range keeps your hand in the natural swimming position.

Also, the double padded hand board strap and palm deck grip makes them comfortable to use.

Neutral Buoyancy

A bodysurfing hand board or hand plane should have neutral buoyancy, they are easier to swim with when cutting into the surface of the water with no extra load to your swimming stroke, also its easier to stroke the board to the middle of your body maintaining excellent balance.

Body-surfing hand-planes that are over buoyant make it difficult to cut into the surface of the water whilst swimming, it also adds extra load to your hand, wrist and arm, furthermore twisting your body to one side when swimming.

Hand Body Soul® Max 5 Features

:: Precise CNC machining and hand finished

:: Laser cut registered trademarks

:: 5 ply cottonwood laminate construction is lightweight, flexible, durable and neutral buoyancy

:: Hand is strapped in the natural swimming position, directly above the board’s pivot point

:: Extra comfort double-padded neoprene hand strap, includes under palm deck grip and wrist leash

:: Wrist cord can be changed for left-handed users or preferred wave conditions

:: Concave bottom ensures rapid elevation "lift force" and increased wave-holding capability

*Note: We highly recommend adjusting your hand strap once over your hand. So with further use just slide your hand in between the strap and the deck grip.

As a result, this will ensure the Velcro remains attached and lasts for many years. POD Handboards replace set.

POD Handboard Tips are available at the following link, www.podware.com.au/handboard-tips.

Body surfing hand boards; also known as hand planes or hand surfers.

Other Details
Weight: 0.46 KGS
Width: 40.00 (cm)
Height 21.00 (cm)
Depth 6.00 (cm)
Shipping: Calculated at Checkout


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