FLO 375mm 15inch Wood POD Handboards - Bodysurfing Handplane

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FLO 375mm 15inch Cedar Walnut POD® Handboards 100% Custom Built for Bodysurfing

There’s nothing quite like our beautifully crafted Flo 375mm 15inch solid Cedar and Walnut POD handboard Hand Body Soul® bodysurfing handplanes crafted like no other.

The new POD handboard range, we now offer all three-size body surfing hand boards in two wood species joined together walnut centre and cedar sides.

With two new wood species cedar and walnut, three bodysurfing POD handboard sizes are a "body surfing game-changer" CAD computer-aided design, precision CNC machining, laser engravings, hand-finished and hand-assembled.

Now available three new POD body surfing board sizes

  • "EGO" = Length 225mm/9inch x Width 200mm/7.87inches x D 41mm/1.61inches
  • "WOO" = Length 300mm/12inch x Width 210mm/8.25inches x D 43mm/1.69inches
  • "FLO" = Length 375mm/15inch x Width 218mm/8.25inches x D 45mm/1.61inches

Also, for the very first time, Shane has designed ergonomic palm hold and support on the handboard deck surface, between the new purposely custom-built 50mm/2inch hand strap retainer inserts to suit 50mm/2inch webbing strap.

Not like other bodysurfing handplanes use of a small 25mm/1inch surfboard plug and a thin handboard strap causing discomfort over the hand.

The palm support relieves the arm muscles from stress, typically from handplanes with flat decks and most of all holds your hand in place, prevents your hand from slipping out from under the double padded neoprene strap.

The natural wood grain variations, Cedar and Walnut contrasting colours, Sic Cut® shape and timber density make each handboard one-of-a-kind.

Without any doubt, the new Sustainable FLO Cedar and Walnut Neutral Buoyant POD Handboard ensures improved performance in any surf condition, from beginners, casuals, to the elite dedicated bodysurfer looking for a brag-worthy unique product with outstanding performance, whilst offering natural paddling freedom, improved bodysurfing performance wave after wave, we highly recommend any of the Solid Wooden POD Handboards.

Cedar/Walnut FLO Body Surfing Handboard Features

  • Volume = 953cm^3 or 953millilitres/0.2517 US Liquid gallon
  • Lifting Force = up to 110kg/242.508lb
  • Size = L 375mm/15inch x W 218mm/8.25inches x D 45mm/1.61inches
  • Weight = 460 to 480grams or 1.01413 to 1.05822pounds (this will vary due to grain density)
  • Deck = Convex with Palm Hold and Support
  • Bottom = Deep 20mm Concave with Keel Fin
  • The hand is strapped into the natural swimming position, directly above the board’s pivot point and keel fin
  • 50mm/2inch Custom POD Designed Hand Strap Retainer (not a 25mm/1inch surfboard plug)
  • 65mm/2.5inches Double Padded Neoprene (not 35mm/1.3inch strap)
  • 50mm/2inch Webbing Hand Adjustable Strap
  • Adjustable Wrist Leash, left-handed users can change the wrist cord to the left side
  • Laser Engravings
  • Satin Finish

*Note: We highly recommend adjusting the hand strap snug once over your hand. With further use just slide your hand in between the strap and the deck palm support. This will ensure the Velcro remains attached and lasts for many years.

Protective Handboard Case and Hemp Drawstring Cover

Protect your bodysurfing POD handboard investment with a new environmentally friendly reusable packaging foam that can be repeatedly recycled, the environmental protection industry describes it as a never-recession material with so many advantages, including good impact resistance, moisture-proof and waterproof.

Therefore, with the proper care, your premium wood handboard will last years of quality bodysurfing, that you can then pass down from generation to generation.

Hemp Cover and Protective Case Features

  • Environmentally Friendly Heavy Weight 320gsm Hemp Cover
  • Impact Resistance Protective Case
  • Reusable Packaging

All Timber POD handboards decks are Convex with Palm Support = Comfort in the palm of your hand

The bottom surface is Concave with a Keel Fin = Optimum Lift, Speed, and Control in the surf

The concave bottom and keel fin surface area are explicitly engineered for Rapid Lift versus Force in association with the mixture of air and water provides instant Lifting Force, Speed and Control; this will assist in your body surfing and handboarding wave-holding skills without your board sliding sideways.

Since the late ’80s, our founder and artisan Shane Vassallo with a passion for bodysurfing, has been hand shaping each handboard out of select grade Australian or Canadian cedar and limited range of other wood species published in the blog post Successful 30 Years

Other Details
Weight: 1.00 KGS
Width: 42.00 (cm)
Height 25.00 (cm)
Depth 10.00 (cm)
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Written by Di Agostini on 20th Jan 2021

Heartfelt Thanks

Heartfelt thanks to you Shane . Full credit and congratulations to what you have created with POD Shane, your boards are beyond magnificent and provide such love and joy to so many. You are the master of your craft with your giving heart and soul resonating in every individual piece .

Written by Wills Fenner on 15th Jun 2020

wonderful piece of art

It’s Wills here from Phuket Thailand, sat in pride of place on the wall for 5 months waiting for some surf only to be locked down right up until now, well yesterday when the beaches finally opened again. Wow! I mean Shane Wow. What a wonderful piece of art you have created. We had a couple of whopper Monsoons hit are area and a magic swell appeared just as Beaches reopened, like it was a call from the Buddha Haha. Many Russians here all fascinated with you Pod Handboards but I won’t sell it to them unless they pay enough for me to replace it including DHL from Sydney haha. My next challenge is to find some bigger rolling waves but again armed with 3 designs of your marvellous handboards I’m sure enjoy even more. Thank again Shane for all your marvellous work

Written by Jim on 17th Apr 2020

Flo handboard flows

Do yourself a favour and grab one of these boards! Not only do they look awesome, they perform as well. Handles all conditions well, but the bigger the swell gets the better the Flo handles. Holds a line easily. It’s a bit heavier than the glass handboards I’m used to, but definitely doesn’t hinder paddling into a wave. Huge thumbs up to Shane for his service. When my board arrived there was a slight crack in the timber, I contacted Shane just in case it became an issue at a later date. Shane got in touch straight away and offered to swap the board over. Couldn’t ask for better than that.

Written by Simon on 2nd Mar 2020

For bigger waves this is incredible

I've been using Shane's pods for 24 years now, i honestly thought that the original Pod was the best design but this is another level. The Flo board allows me to catch the kind of waves that make my heart skip a beat, those big rolling sets that were always a little dicey are now thrilling with the speed and power the Flo provides... Highly recommended for bigger surf, i've had it for 2 months now. If your more of a small wave rider the Woo board i got my Dad is awesome, the Flo is better for bigger waves but i'm jealous of his when it's only 1-2 foot.

Written by Pat on 20th Dec 2019

Pod Flo Handplane

First thing you notice is how easy it is to swim with this 15” plane. First thing you don’t notice - as it’s so comfortable - is the padded, adjustable hand strap. On the wave, you get massive lift, and speed, but also control. Trying out the Pod is like the first time you ride a proper motorcycle. On a lot of surf craft there’s usually some sort of compromise in how it functions: on weight, speed, hold, whatever. Thumbs up for the Pod though, it’s spot on.

Written by Matt R on 6th Dec 2019

Great start to the week... my pod arrived.

As part of my birthday present, the pets of my household (two cats and one hyper dog) ordered me this work of art. And now it's finally here. So excited...I can small the cedar, and I can't wait to launch her. A few thoughts so far. Wow, the attention to detail is fantastic. Three pieces of timber, cedar and walnut, laminated together and then shaped to have a concave hull, lift and then an amazing keel. The deck is raised to provide a comfortable pad for your palm. Wood quality is fantastic. Hand strap is strong, you could lift a car with it, but nicely padded for comfort. It came with a protective hemp bag (again well made) for storing and transport. Even the packaging for this was well made!! I choose a darker cedar as it reminds me of my 70's childhood. So thankful to Shane for offering me a choice, and his thoughts on size board for me. I have been using the original and love it, so I know this work of art is going to perform.

Written by Scott Pearson on 4th Dec 2019


Great product. Beautiful. Impeccable craftsmanship.