Bodysurfing Swim Fins

POD has crafted a line of superior bodysurfing swim fins that exceed your expectations. Our PF1, PF2 and PF3 Evolution fins cater to every experience level and are built to withstand even the harshest days out on the ocean.

We’re proud to bring you a line of bodysurfing flippers that give you power and comfort; the best of both worlds. POD PF-series fins are made from the highest grade of natural, buoyant Malaysian rubber and built with multiple density layers for a better construction that lasts. With their unique, cutting edge design, all of our POD flippers give you the speed and performance you desire, along with maximum comfort that lasts through even the longest riding and swimming sessions.

POD Swim Fins 1 - PF1's

The streamlined, high-tech design of our POD Fins 1 – PF1s makes them ideal for entry level bodysurfing and bodyboarding.

POD Swim Fins 2 - PF2's

Are an ADVANCED model surfing fins/flippers compared to the PF1s, they are far more robust making them a superior bodysurfing fins.

POD Swim Fins - PF3 Evolution

Asymmetric surfing fins are the finest performance available for bodysurfing fins. Proven to be the world's first asymmetric fins with a closer balance compare with symmetric fins, PF3s also have asymmetric foot pocket with foot size to blade length ratio this in return reduces the load across the feet, ankles and knees.