PF3 Evolution POD Swim Fins - New Variegated Colour Range

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Natural Floating Rubber

New Variegated Colour PF3 Range - Bodysurfing Fins, Bodyboarding Fins and Ocean Photographers Ocean Swim Fins

Our passionate and experienced POD Ware team are thrilled to introduce our top-of-the-line surfing swim fins.

We have developed a new variegated colour in the POD rubber fin factory. No design team will come close to the research and development that has gone into the PF3's Line.

The variegated colours are one of a kind, they are irregular colour patches that feature on our fin straps and rails. These ocean fins have been inspired by a diverse array of ocean life, allowing us to beautifully capture the vibrant and unique characteristics of marine species.

Drawing from this inspiration each flipper conveys its own story, similar to the great diversity of ocean life. The distinct characteristics of each fin explore a narrative of individuality, that each customer is subject to their own exclusive pair of POD surf fins.

Yet another worldwide first for POD Ware.- Proud Australian Owned Company

This distinctive swimming fin has all the high-quality design features of our PF2’s but stands out because of its asymmetrical design. This design delivers more precise balance users in comparison to existing asymmetrical fins in the market.

These performance fins are sought after by experienced bodysurfers, bodyboarders and surf photographers.

Our "Point of Difference" (POD) philosophy is what makes the difference both aesthetically and functionally in this leading edge surfing swim fin!

If you are curious about the blade length difference between the PF2’s and PF3’s, we have provided an image comparing the two above, click here.

Plus, another good comparison is the blade length difference between the PF3’s and Churchill Makapuu Swim Fins above or click here.

If you are interested knowing about the PF3 length or blade width in difference sizes, we have provided an image comparing these sizes above or click here.

POD PF3 Quality Rubber Surf Swim Fins Features

  • Asymmetrical design delivers the precision balance
  • Foot size relative to blade length ratio
  • Manufactured with Malaysian highest quality natural buoyant rubber compounds
  • Lightweight and buoyant
  • POD patented lamination technique for super sturdy construction
  • Soft rubber lined extended foot pocket is exceptionally comfortable
  • Unique splay rails® combined with asymmetric blade provide excellent balance and a more powerful kick with directed thrust, speed and control
  • Vertical rails produce greater wave holding stability
  • Drainage design ensures quick water and sand release from the foot pocket

POD Fins PF3 - Swim Fins Sizes

  • Small/Medium: 7-8 = Length 24cm and Width 9cm
  • Medium: 8-9 = Length 25cm and Width 9.5cm
  • Medium/Large: 9-10 = Length 26cm and Width 10cm
  • Large: 10-11 = Length 27cm and Width 10.5cm

Or review our size guide chart. Click here.

*Note: If your feet match the same width shown on the foot sizes chart although they are slightly longer in length, toe room will still remain. This is due to versatile fittings of the foot pocket which provide a comfortable fit.

However, all POD Flippers are not suited to fit more than one-foot size below the size chart. As it will alter the predetermined foot size based on body weight to blade length ratio.

This will compromise the swim fin structural wall section, due to being overweight or overstretching the rubber. Hence, it is not covered under warranty.

If you have any doubts whatsoever, please visit your local stockist to ensure you are purchasing the appropriate size.

At POD Ware we understand comfortable swim fins are your most important priority, followed by performance and then price.

As we often say at POD Ware... “If you are supplied with comfort and performance, it's worth the price.”

The swim fins are not designed for forward walking/running (swimming fins are not joggers or shoes).

A common sense approach that is highly recommend, walking and/or running backwards will not compromise the swim fin structure

Bending the blade beyond 35° in any direction from walking, running or excess load will cause the sole/blade to tear or split. Any actions of such will not be covered by warranty.

POD Fins are not engineered for fittings below the mentioned sizes (less than one size), this will alter the intended foot size to blade length ratio versus body weight. This will compromise the swim fin structural strength, due to overweight or overstretching, is not covered under warranty. They are not intended for walking or running (they are not joggers nor shoes). Bending the blade beyond 35° in any direction from walking, running and/or excess load on the blade or sole will cause the sole or blade to tear/crack voids warranty. Walking and/or running backwards will prevent the above occurring.

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    PF3 Fins

    Posted by James Hodder on 20th Oct 2023

    Great fins had a few pairs now and they work awesome and the most powerful fins for Bodyboarding that i have used thus far. One word of precaution is to make sure when entering the water or leaving, do not over flex the point where the toe part meets the blade as for over time this will split.

  • 0
    POD 3

    Posted by Kyle P. on 27th Jul 2023

    These have all the comfort of the 2’s with even more thrust! I own a pair of both and switch off often! These r the best fins on the market!

  • 0
    Coolum Wedge Bodysurfing contest, awesome fins

    Posted by Billy on 6th Apr 2023

    Just wanted to let you know how awesome my fins are that I got off you. I won my division today at the Coolum Wedge Bodysurfing contest. The pods killed it.

  • 0
    P3 fins

    Posted by John on 18th Feb 2022

    I’m a regular bodysurfer, for more than 30 years, and these fins are great. The best I have used, I get the extra power I need to catch and stay on a wave. Comfortable as well.

  • 0
    best fins on the market

    Posted by Ryan on 16th Feb 2022

    2 reasons why these fins beat everything else hands down: (1) efficiency of stroke, and (2) fit. I've used podfins since the first PF1's came out and even those were the most efficient and comfortable fins I've used. Previous brands I tried fit poorly (DaFIns, Hydro, DuckFeet) and didn't take Huey much effort at all to remove them from my feet. In approx 16 years I've used podfins, I wouldn't even need all the fingers on one hand to count how many times they've come off; and then it was only because they'd been flogged for years and the heel strap was losing its elasticity. Each model was an improvement on the last, and how any possible future PF4 model will beat the PF3's I can only wonder!

  • 0
    Best set of bodysurfing fins on the market.

    Posted by Jonathon on 22nd Sep 2021

    I bought DaFins and they are marketed as the "ultimate" bodysurfing fin. Not true. They are super stiff but do not allow the cadence and are not as responsive to adding quick pace to take-offs. There is a fine line between kicking cadence and stiffness that will allow me to go further and faster. I picked up a pair of PF2's in Margaret River while on a bodysurfing trip. Thought I'd give them a go. They are amazing, so I went the one-step up to the PF3's. With the PF3's and the PF2's, I've been able to get onto large waves that I'd normally have to bust a gasket to get on. I have been coming out of sessions not feeling completely spent. The swim outs to get out to the main break have also been great with these fins. My No. 1 go to fin now.

  • 0
    Great fins

    Posted by D Junor on 4th Aug 2019

    These have more drive than the PF1's I replaced. I ordered a size lower than suggested and they fit snugly and comfortably. They drain sand really well. Really good fins. Amazing customer service too. Cheers!

  • 0
    The Proof is in the Pudding.

    Posted by Wayne Tibbitts on 17th Sep 2018

    The Pods performance in the water was noted by all. The PF3 Evolution had more thrust than the PF2s, generated more speed and wave catching ability. No leg cramps and no abrasions on my toes from friction/rubbing in the fin shoe. The water and sand drained out well. Have not worn my Churchill’s since. Thanks again Shane have highly recommended POD to my friends. Keep up the good work, cheers mate

  • 0
    Effective bodysurfing fin

    Posted by ShorebreakDave, Florida on 1st Nov 2017

    I've been mostly using a pair of Da Fins for bodysurfing. They've become pretty much standard in the US. I'd fallen out of using MS Viper for this purpose and hadn't been too impressed with DMC Repellor (comfortable, but didn't feel extra power). The new PF3 fit is slightly larger than my PF2, so wearing a sock or using a padded tether is thinkable. A non-padded tether works fine. There's no need for padding for comfort. The rubber's great. The fins's drain at the end of the foot pocket quickly removes sand and the shell fragments that are a big feature of the local beach. No more fin removal and cleaning once outside. In terms of swimming power and acceleration, I need to do some comparisons. My initial impression is that the PF3's are at least as fast as Da Fin with similar number of strokes. We've had only sloppy surf lately, so no comparisons of rail behavior or usefulness for bodyboarding (should be excellent).

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