Bodysurfing with a POD Handboard

Place your hand on the handboard in the natural swimming position and strap it on firmly, pointing your fingers towards the POD logo while keeping your thumb on the outside (see top middle photo).

If you are left-handed, change wrist cord to the left side hand surfer.

When duck diving under the wave make sure you hold the POD handboard with both hands with the handboard in front or under you (see photo, top right).

Use the same principle when swimming out to the break with a surfboard or a bodyboard. Swim with the top half of your body up out of the water, using the side of the POD handboard to cut the water’s surface, and then stroke the handboard towards your chest - not to your side of your body as this will unbalance your swimming stroke

When catching a wave, skim or glide the handboard across the water and lift your body out of the water as fast as you can.

The principle to remember is: LIFT = SPEED = CONTROL!

The quicker you lift your body up out of the water, the less drag you will feel and the faster you will bodysurf across the wave. You can achieve this by pressing down on the handboard in a push-up action and then moving your other hand behind your back for balance. (See steps 1-3 in bottom three photos).

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