Are engineered and designed to last the distance of years of bodysurfing, if not a lifetime.

POD has developed two unique model hand boards the Solid Moulded Plastic and Limited Edition Solild Handcrafted Timber other refer to body surfing hand-boards as handplanes or handsurfers.

The POD handboards plastic model is made from solid polypropylene moulding, so strong you could drive a truck over, yet remains lightweight while retaining strength and buoyancy. This model is the perfect addition to bodysurfing collections of both novice and experienced bodysufers alike.

POD Handboards Solid Plastic

bodysurfing-handboard-pod-handboard-orange.jpg bodysurfing-handboard-pod-handboard-sliver.jpg bodysurfing-handboard-pod-handboard-white-blue.jpg bodysurfing-handboard-pod-handboard-yellow.jpg bodysurfing-handboard-pod-handboard-lime.jpg


POD Handboards Solid Timber

The POD Limited Edition Wooden Model is completely handcrafted and made from select grade Australian Cedar. These quality solid timber hardboards are best suited to the dedicated and experienced body surfer.


Both POD Bodysurfing Handboard Models are designed with a hand strap that compliments the bodysurfer’s natural swimming position, directly above the board's pivot point and keel fin. With this innovative strap positioning, you’ll enjoy lift speed and greater control for an unparalleled body surfing experience.