POD is dedicated to furthering the technology available to bodyboarding enthusiasts and is continually designing unique components for various models of bicep leashes that best suit a variety of surfing conditions and bodyboarding styles. For more product details please follow the below links.

POD Connection - Superior Bodyboard Bicep Leash Series

Are the world’s strongest connection between a bodyboard leash and a swivel connector over moulding - Stretching five to six times its original length when *Strength Tested. "It’s the structural strength of both POD connectors that allows the urethane cord to stretch further.” This technology is ONLY available from POD and is the first of its kind in the bodyboarding world.

Are produced with premium grade components that ensure maximum strength in surf conditions, giving total freedom of movement in the ocean without the loss of reliability between a bodyboarder and their bodyboard.

Available in three sizes, Medium, Large and Extra Large Biceps.

Prone Bicep Leash




 Drop Knee Bicep Leash