POD TRITEK Adult Swim Goggles - 2 Lens Colours Clear Frame

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Adult Swimming Goggles TRITEK by POD® - Available in Two Lens Colours and Clear Frame

These model swimming goggles have been designed for children of all ages. Also available for children POD Tritek Children Swim Goggles.

POD Tritek Swim Goggles have manufactured PC (Polycarbonate) anti-fog UV Protection lenses.

Flow Swim Googles has a unique soft flexible silicone frames which allow the lenses to "float" into position.

Integrated with the soft silicone seals will provide the most comfortable seat possible around your eyes and the split headband silicone strap will hold its position.

Two Lens Colours to choose from with Clear Frames

Clear Frame with Clear Lens
Clear Frame with Smoke Lens

Swim Goggle Features

  • Polycarbonate anti-fog lens with UV Protection
  • Soft flexible TPR seals and frame
  • Split headband silicone strap
  • Fixed length non-adjustable nose bridge (one piece goggle frame)

Care Instructions

Treat the lenses with care, PC (Polycarbonate) used to construct the lenses may easily scratch if rubbed with fingers or when rubbed after use in saltwater.

Wash goggles in fresh water after every use and let dry in shade.

  • Do not leave in the sun.
  • Do not leave in the car or boot on hot summer days excessive heat may cause damage to your swimming goggles.

To remove any chlorine, salt or oil build-up on your goggle lenses. It is best to use lukewarm water with a few drops of mild dishwashing detergent. Gently agitate the goggles in the solution, then rinse in fresh water and hang out of the sun to dry.

Selecting the Correct Swim Goggles

A good method to see if a goggle suits your facial structure is to try, “The Suction Test”.

Take a pair of goggles and place against your eye sockets, without putting the headband in place. Push gently with your thumbs in the middle front section of the lens. If momentary suction is achieved, then more than likely this model will be suitable.

Be aware that not every model will fit every facial structure. If the incorrect model is chosen? Then there is a greater chance the goggles become uncomfortable and will leak when swimming.

The comfort and sensitivity of a goggle seal will vary significantly between the different materials such as Foam, PVC, TPR, Silicone or Liquid Silicone.

Adjusting Your Goggles

POD Swim goggles come with a wide range of nose pieces, depending on the model.

  1. The traditional slotted nose piece.
  2. The fixed length nose bridge, which may come with 2, 3 or 4 sizes.
  3. One-piece construction, where there is no adjustment.
  4. One-piece flex construction, this is where the frame is constructed from a flexible material will allow the nose piece area to slightly stretch.
  5. Racing goggles “string and tube” and with latex strap nose pieces.

Nose Piece Adjustment

Due to the wide range of nose pieces (also known as a nose bridge) available on today’s swimming goggles, become familiar with the style you have selected, so you understand the best and easy way to make adjustments.

Headband Adjustment

A goggle headband is designed to keep the goggle in place whilst swimming and should be adjusted to a comfortable length. A tight fit is not necessarily the right fit.

If you need to over tighten the headband? Then this is a good indication that the goggle is not suitable for your facial structure.

The tighter you wear a headband the more chance you will snap the headband strap.

POD has many different styles of headbands, also different methods of securing, so they won’t slip whilst swimming.

Again, familiarise yourself with the style headband that is associated with the selected swim goggles will ensure any adjustments is easily achieved.


As with anything worn close to the eyes! All care should be taken to prevent eye injuries. Especially when used by children who may not pay attention when wearing goggles.

  • Children should always be supervised when swimming and wearing goggles.

Swim goggles may cause skin irritation for some users and should not be worn by people with known susceptibility to dermatitis.

Consequently, discontinue use immediately if any irritation or inflammation occurs.


POD Swim Goggles combine functionality, innovative design and engineering using only the best raw materials.

All models are treated to block Ultraviolet light from the sun and meet the following standards.

  • Australia: 1067, 1-1990. 
  • USA: ANSI Z80.3 for general purpose UV requirements and blocks at least 95% UVB & 60% UVA.
  • Conforms to British Safety Standard BS5883.



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