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Bodysurfing Fins, Bodyboarding Fins or Swimming Fins - POD Fins PF2

If you’re looking for ultra-advanced surfing swim fins. look no further!

A step above our PF1’s, these high-quality rubber swim fins are ideal for bodyboarding, bodysurfing, knee boarding, swimming in the ocean, surf rescue, surf lifeguards or for use as photographer’s swim fins.

The sleek Siccut® design backed by patented technology and only the best materials available.

Users of our PF2 swim fins are amazed by their speed, power, and supreme comfort.

These swimming fins will last thanks to our patented lamination technique as well as the Tread Rails® that run along the outside of the foot pocket.

We’re confident our PF2’s will quickly earn your trust and keep you coming back for more!

POD Fins PF2 Features

  • Manufactured with Malaysian highest quality natural buoyant rubber compounds
  • Lightweight
  • POD patented lamination technique for super strong construction
  • Soft rubber lined extended foot pocket is extremely comfortable
  • Unique splay rails® combined with symmetric Chisel Blade® provide excellent balance and a more powerful kick with directed thrust, speed and control
  • Vertical rails produce greater wave holding stability
  • Drainage design ensures quick water and sand release from the foot pocket
  • Tread Rails® that run along the outside of the foot pocket provide extra "strength and durability"

POD Fins PF2 - Rubber Swim Fins Sizes

  • Small: 6-7 = Length 23cm and Width 8.5cm
  • Small/Medium: 7-8 = Length 24cm and Width 9cm
  • Medium: 8-9 = Length 25cm and Width 9.5cm
  • Medium/Large: 9-10 = Length 26cm and Width 10cm
  • Large: 10-11 = Length 27cm and Width 10.5cm
  • Extra Large: 11-12 = Length 27cm and Width 11cm

*Note: Please use the foot size chart for all models of POD fins. If you have any doubts whatsoever, please visit your local stockist. "Comfort" is your number one priority. Then "Performance" and last of all "Price."

Like we say at POD Ware... If you have Comfort and Performance, it's worth the Price.

If the length of your foot is slightly longer but matches the same width in the sizes below, there is still plenty of toe room because the foot pocket itself has been extended for versatile fittings and to ensure a comfortable fit.

POD does not recommend fitting two-foot sizes down in any size fins, as this may tear or crack the sole including snapping the fin strap from overstretching, plus this will change the intended foot size to blade length ratio, including the structural fin strength versus body weight which is not covered under warranty.

Most importantly rubber swim fins are intended for swimming not walking or running. Bending the blade beyond 45° in any direction from walking, running and/or impact on the blade will cause the sole or blade to tear/crack will void any warranty.

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1 Vertical Rails
2 Splay Rails®
3 Tread Rails®


5 Average based on 12 reviews Write a Review
Written by Wayne Tibbitts on 14th Sep 2018

PF2s fins

Thanks again for the PF2s fins today. I then drove to Nth Cronulla and used the PF2s. Great fins... short, manoeuvrable, very comfortable fit, no cramps and can walk along the beach without stumbling over. Keep up the good work Shane... Cheers...

Written by Shane McCormack on 4th Sep 2017

best fins by far

Recently received my new pod 2 fins and am very happy with them I am a kneeboard surfer and find they are perfect for me these are my 3rd pair and I would never buy any other fin they have plenty of power don't interfere when surfing due to being nice and compact in size made very well attention to detail spot on could not be any happier with this product thanks heaps Shane

Written by henri bellegarde on 6th Oct 2016

best fins

Achetées il y a presque 10 ans à "waimea surf shop" à Anglet, elles sont toujours neuves d'aspect. Confortables mais plus rigides que les pf1 que j'ai toujours. Elles ont une grosse propulsion. Je recommande les deux modèles pf1 et pf2. Les pf2 sont indestructibles... English translation; Bought there nearly 10 years "waimea surf shop" in Anglet, they are still new in appearance. Comfortable but stiffer than I ever pf1. They have a big propulsion. I recommend both pf1 and pf2 models. The pf2 are indestructible ...

Written by Matt on 15th Sep 2014

Fins are sick!

PF2s are quick and powerful. PF3s are super responsive with a super comfortable foot pocket. Amping!

Written by Fergus on 30th May 2014


Just got my pf2's in the mail. Immediately took them to Laguna to test them out. They did not fail me in any way!! The power generated by the fin shape got me into the wave with ease, and back into the lineup quickly. Hands down, the best, most comfortable fin on the market today. Keep up the good work boys !

Written by frazer on 11th Feb 2014

excellent product and service

Really good fins and excellent service to New Zealand.

Written by Paul J on 14th Jan 2014


Love my new pod fins 2.They fit great. No surf at Maroubra for 2 weeks but I have used them in small surf and they work well.(worth buying) Amazing delivery services :)

Written by Dallas on 4th Dec 2013


Yesterday, I ordered a set Fins, to my surprise they turned up in the mail today. You guys are unreal, I strapped the fins on this afternoon and went for a body bash in 4-5 foot waves at Nth Thirroul. Epic.

Written by Ian haywood on 22nd Oct 2013

The comfiest fins bar none

These are the only fins I have found that fit well with 3mm fin socks on in the cold English winter. Owned a pair for the last 6years and they finally split across the bottom, had to order more from Pod as there are no stockists in UK. I have pf3's for the summer but too small with fin socks on... Great product and helpful sales team .

Written by James Stewart on 29th Mar 2013

wicked fins

So I finally got to try these fins out in the water and they lived up to the expectations! I was surfing a place that I have surfed hundreds of times and there is always a rip going when there is some swell. Normally you keep kicking to keep yourself in place and i was doing this today, when I looked at the shore i realised i had moved 20-30m up the beach in very little time. I was kicking the same as i normally would have been but they just have that bit more power to them. They are comfortable. I surfed 5 1/2hrs and I had red marks on the tops of my feet and ankle bone but they were gone within 20min of getting out of the water. Only negative i would say about the fit is i have a high arch and i get feel that there is a small pocket of space under the inside of my foot. Not quite as comfortable as my redlays (yet) but damn close. Also for people looking at size, I wear a size 12-12 1/2 shoe and have a wide foot but the 10-11 fit me comfortably. They are a bit heavier then my redlays but have better power, but not so much that it strains your calves or ankles. It says 4 stars but it would be more like 4 1/2