This innovative slim-line concept was originally designed by the POD team riders; the new superior quality deluxe model has adjustable strapping system to suit larger variety of ankle sizes.

New POD deluxe fin straps have a stronger 6 mm and longer wedding lace construction and is long enough to lace around any rubber fin strap, plus the 4mm neoprene padding provides comfort around the ankle and prevents bulkiness between the back of the ankle and rubber bodyboard fin strap when bodyboarding.

POD Bodyboard Fin Straps-Flipper Savers


POD Fin and Heel Savers, unlike any other product on the market.

Our unique design has "ONE" webbing strap connection between the padded ankle strap and the padded rubber swim fin strap, intentionally constructed to reduce any cumbersome drag when swimming, with no plastic parts in your way.

POD Fin and Heel Savers