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POD PF3 Ocean Active Swim Fins Limited Colour Edition Red Strap/Rails Mix Black/Red/White for the season.

Introducing our top-of-the-line surfing swim fins designed by our passionate and experienced POD Ware team!

Here at the POD rubber fin factory, we have developed the very first three marbleised colourways, combined with a solid colour strap and rails, yet another worldwide first for POD Ware.

Others may try to imitate, but none will even come close to the research and development that has gone into the PF3's Line.

This distinctive swimming fin has all the high-quality design features of our PF2’s but stands out because of its asymmetrical design which delivers more precise balance when compared with competitors asymmetrical fins.

These performance fins are sought after by experienced bodysurfers, bodyboarders and ocean photographers.

Our Point of Difference (POD) philosophy is what makes the difference in this leading edge surfing swim fin!

POD Fins 3 Features

  • Asymmetrical design delivers the precision balance
  • Foot size relative to blade length ratio
  • Manufactured with Malaysian highest quality natural buoyant rubber compounds
  • Lightweight floating swim fins
  • Three mixed marbleised colours with single colour strap and rails
  • Soft rubber lined extended foot pocket is exceptionally comfortable
  • Unique Splay Rails® combined with asymmetric blade provide excellent balance and a more powerful kick with directed thrust, speed and control
  • Vertical rails produce greater wave holding stability
  • Drainage design ensures quick water and sand release from the foot pocket

*Note: Please use the foot size chart below for all models of POD fins. If you have any doubts whatsoever, please visit your local stockist.

If the length of your foot is slightly longer but matches the same width in the foot size chart, there is still plenty of toe room because the foot pocket itself has been extended for versatile fittings and to ensure a comfortable fit.

POD Fins are not engineered for fittings below the mentioned sizes (more than one foot sizes), this will alter the intended foot size to blade length ratio versus body weight.

This will compromise the swim fin structural strength, due to overweight or overstretching, is not covered under warranty.

Furthermore, POD swim fins are made from quality natural rubber intended for bodyboarding, bodysurfing, kneeboarding, swimming and other related water sports activities.

They are not intended for walking or running (they are not joggers nor shoes).

Bending the blade beyond 35° in any direction from walking, running and/or excess load on the blade or sole will cause the sole or blade to tear/crack voids warranty.

Please review in our product photo gallery the blade length comparison between the PF2's and PF3's for better wave holding ability, this extra blade length will scale the same in all size swim fins.

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1 Vertical Rails
2 Asymmetric Blade
3 Asymmetric Foot Pocket


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Written by weblee on 26th Jul 2021

fins of choice

Best fins on the market for me, over 20years body surfing and bodyboarding the pod 2 and 3 rubber compound gives me the best comfort and power I've ever known