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Bodysurfing Gear - POD Fins PF1 - Swim Fins, Handboard, Neoprene Fin Socks and Fins Saver Straps

The streamlined, high-tech design of our POD Fins 1 – PF1s makes them ideal for entry level bodysurfing and bodyboarding. They are also excellent for ocean swimming or for use as training swim fins.

Our patented laminating technique is used to combine layers of rubber that results in a strong construction that is second to none.

Other special features include an extra comfortable rubber lining, unique Splay Rails® for speed, thrust and control as well as water draining and sand release features.

The POD Fins 1 – PF1s are thoughtfully designed to meet your highest expectations!

POD Fins PF1 - Rubber Swim Fins Features

  • Manufactured with Malaysian highest quality natural buoyant rubber compounds
  • POD patented lamination technique for super strong construction
  • Soft rubber lined extended foot pocket is extremely comfortable
  • Unique Splay Rails® combined with symmetric blade provide excellent balance, thrust, speed and control
  • Drainage design ensures quick water and sand release from the foot pocket

POD Fins PF1 Sizes

Small: 6-7 = Length 23cm and Width 8.5cm

Small/Medium: 7-8 = Length 24cm and Width 9cm

Medium: 8-9 = Length 25cm and Width 9.5cm

Medium/Large: 9-10 = Length 26cm and Width 10cm

Large: 10-11 = Length 27cm and Width 10.5cm

Extra Large: 11-12 = Length 27cm and Width 11cm

*Note: Please use the foot size chart below for all models of POD fins. If you have any doubts whatsoever, please visit your local stockist.

If the length of your foot is slightly longer but matches the same width in the foot size chart, there is still plenty of toe room because the foot pocket itself has been extended for versatile fittings and to ensure a comfortable fit.

POD Fins are not engineered for fittings below the mentioned sizes (more than one foot sizes), this will alter the intended foot size to blade length ratio versus body weight.

This will compromise the swim fin structural strength, due to overweight or overstretching, which is not be covered under warranty.

Furthermore, POD swim fins are made from quality natural rubber intended for bodyboarding, bodysurfing, kneeboarding, swimming and other related water sports activities.

They are not intended for walking or running (they are not joggers nor shoes).

Bending the blade beyond 35° in any direction from walking, running and/or excess load on the blade or sole will cause the sole or blade to tear/crack voids warranty.

POD Bodysurfing Handboards

The results are in! Our customers love the outstanding durability and performance of our POD Handboards Australia's No 1 Bodysurfing Handboard, also known as hand-planes or hand-surfers.

Our Australian made bodysurfing hand boards are strong, lightweight and buoyant thanks to the solid recyclable polypropylene construction with mineral base pearl colour pigments. The concave-shaped bottom and keel fin are specifically designed for rapid lift and will help to make you a wave-holding expert!

Our handboards keep your hands in the natural swimming position and the double padded board straps and palm deck pad makes them comfortable to use.

If you’re looking for extra speed, lift and control then our POD Handboards should be on the top of your list!

Neutral Buoyancy Handboards

A hand plane should have neutral buoyancy, they are easier to swimming with when cutting into the surface of the water with no extra load to your swimming stroke, also its easier to stroke the board to the middle of your body and while maintaining excellent balance.

Body surfing hand boards that are over buoyant make it difficult to cut into the surface of the water whilst swimming, it also adds extra load to your hand, wrist and arm, furthermore twisting your body to one side when swimming.

POD Handboard Features

:: Solid polypropylene construction is lightweight, durable and neutral buoyancy
:: Hand is strapped in the natural swimming position, directly above the board’s pivot point and keel fin
:: Extra comfort double-padded neoprene hand strap, includes under palm deck grip
:: Wrist cord can be changed for left-handed users
:: Concave bottom shape and keel fin ensure rapid elevation and increased wave-holding capability

*Note: We highly recommend adjusting the hand strap snug once over your hand. With further use just slide your hand in between the strap and the deck palm support. This will ensure the Velcro remains attached and lasts for many years.

POD Handboard Tips are available on the following link, www.podware.com.au/handboard-tips.

POD Neoprene Fin Socks

We set out to improve on traditional fin/flipper socks and are extremely proud of the results! POD Fin Sock’s registered design innovation includes a stitch-free interior that allows the sock to hug or contour to the arch of your foot.

Put them on and you will immediately feel the difference whether you are bodysurfing, bodyboarding or swimming with or without swim fins/flippers. Our fin socks help to provide a snug fit when worn with rubber flippers and will keep the rubber from irritating your feet or ankles.

With POD Fin Socks you get it all: a customised fit, smart design and durable product you’ll feel great in!

Fin Sock Features

:: Lycra binding.
:: Stitch-free interior.
:: Left and Right fitting.
:: Quality 3mm neoprene.
:: Strong flat lock stitching.
:: Black/Lime lining & white stitching.

Sock Sizing

:: Small = 6-7
:: Medium = 8-9
:: Large = 9-10
:: Extra Large = 10-12

POD Fin Straps

POD Fin Straps - Flipper Savers innovative slim-line concept was originally designed by the team riders with POD Ware.

POD has now developed a superior quality deluxe model with a new buckle adjustable strapping system to suit larger variety of ankle sizes.

New POD Deluxe Fin Straps have a stronger 6 mm wedding lace longer enough to lace around any rubber swim fin strap, the 4mm neoprene padding provides comfort around the ankle and prevents bulkiness between the back of the ankle and rubber fin strap when bodysurfing, bodyboarding and ocean swimming.

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Written by Tony Cockrem on 26th Mar 2019

Pod hand board and fins

Product arrived quickly, was professionally packaged. Communication was excellent from the seller. The fins are comfortable, perform beautifully and sized perfectly according to the sizing chart. I haven't tried the hand board yet (no waves at the moment), but it is light, sleek and well made. Overall very happy with the transaction, and will recommend pod equipment to my friends