POD Ware is a proud Australian manufacture since 1993, pioneer of bodysurfing handboards, wholesaler, distributor and a online surf shop with a strong focus on producing superior quality bodysurfing, bodyboarding, surfing and swimming products for enthusiasts of all skill levels.

All of our water sports equipment has been designed by founder Shane Vassallo, who has spent the last 30 years passionately creating POD products with one goal in mind to produce the highest quality, innovative gear without compromising comfort or durability.

At POD, we know how vital it is to be completely prepared when you hit the surf. That’s why we’ve taken even the harshest weather conditions into consideration crafting the exact gear you need to get you through those long sessions on the water.

Whether you’re a die hard body surfer looking for professional-grade rubber flippers, a casual bodyboarder shopping for your first bodyboard, or a surfer looking to upgrade with one of our unique POD connection leg ropes or knitted surfboard covers, we’ve got something for you!

Please don’t take our word for it – go ahead and have a look around the site and be sure to check out the honest reviews left by our many satisfied customers. You just might be next!