SURFDUST - Soft Surfboard Fins - SD2 Medium Softboard Fins

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Soft Surfboard Fins - SURFDUST SD2 Medium Size Softboard Fins

SURFDUST SD2 Medium Soft Surfboard Fins really get you going with their lightweight, flexible polyurethane construction.

Designed with safety in mind, these softboard fins provide you with a nice drive while offering good release and directional turns. For maximum performance the SD2’s are best used on our 5ft SURFDUST Softboards but can be great left and right side fins for our other sizes as well.

This versatile fin can also be retro fitted to Elnino and Softlite softboards and many other soft surfboards on the market that have two holes 95 mm apart at center (see below for more information on retro fitting).

*Note: SD2 set of 3 fins best suits lighter weight surfers up to 45kg, wanting the best performance in smaller waves.

SURFDUST also offers the following fin set combinations, 2 x SD2 side fins plus 1x SD4 centre fin or a set of 3 x SD4 these combination best perform on 5.6ft., 5.8ft. and 6.0ft. softboards. Single fins are also available; all fins are supplied with nylon set screws.

See more details @ SURFDUST Soft Surfboard Technology.

Retro Fitting SD2 Soft Surfboard Fins

If you are ordering either softboard fin sets, SD2s and/or SD4s to retro fit your existing soft surfboard please note: all screws supplied are Long Screws (LS) 55mm, these will need to be carefully cut to size to suit the board thickness in the various fin hole locations on your softboard.

See more details @ Softboard Fins & Screws Fitting Instructions.

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