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Take your learning skills to a whole new level by riding on the SURFDUST Primo Fat Fish Soft Surfboard. The soft surfboard technology and hand shaped design can help entry-level surfers have fun and progress with ease. Experience surfers will love the versatility to enjoy waves in softboard-only areas of the beach. Catch more waves more often, have fun and move up to one of our performance epoxy surfboards when the time is right. Choose from three great colours: SURFDUST blue, deep blue or white.

*Note: SURFDUST 5.9ft = 1.75m Fish Soft Surfboard best suits beginner surfers approximate weights of up to 60kg = 132lb and experience surfers approximate weights of up to 80kg = 176lb. Ideal for wave conditions up to 3ft = 0.9m for beginners and up to 5ft = 1.5m for confident/experience surfers.

Premium Construction: SURFDUST Primo Soft Surfboards are made with the very latest in materials and manufacturing expertise – see our full details @

Fat Fish Softboard Features

Deck: SLF - Soft & Light Foam, Durable Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PE).

Bond: SHS - Superb Heat Seal, a durable exothermic adhesion (XPE) and (EPO) layers.

Inner: BBP - Backing Barrier Protection, Extruded Polyethylene (XPE).

Core: HD-EPS Core 100% Waterproof High-Density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

Stringer: Quality Moulded Wooden Stringer.

Slick: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Rails: Trimmed contour edges.

Tail: Rounded Fish.

Fins: Fins: 3 Flexible SD4 Large Tri Fins with 6 x Nylon Set Screws.

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