POD Handboards - Beach Stone - Limited Edition Colours

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POD Handboards Limited Edition Colour - Beach Stone

Beach Stone colour development was inspired by beach stones/pebbles as shown in the below pictures, all bodysurfing hand-boards have a mixture of these stone colours from whites to yellows, oranges to browns, greys to blacks and with our own final touch... a sprinkle of gold pearl (only visible with the correct point of view), amazing in sunlight.

As we all know, stones and pebbles have their own unique colours and patterns, now every Beach Stone POD Handboard has their own characteristics, making each bodysurfing hand-surfer unique in appearance (no two are the same) 100% one of a kind.

Please note; these POD handboards bodysurfing handplanes will vary from the photos shown.

  • All POD Handboards are proudly Australian Made from solid polypropylene plastic moulding, whilst retaining strength and buoyancy so strong you could drive a truck over.

POD engineered and designed these Handboards well over 20 years ago, to last the distance with years of bodysurfing.

The Body surfers hand is strapped in the natural swimming position, directly about the board's pivot point and keel fin.

The webbing strap as a double padded 3mm neoprene for extra comfort over the hand, the Handboard also includes, wrist strap and hand deck grip.

The concave-shaped bottom and keel fin will ensure rapid elevation onto the wave and helps the bodysurfer hone their wave-holding technique.

The resulting incredible good wave-hold attributes prevents sliding down the face of the wave, maximum lift, speed and greater control.

POD highly recommends adjusting your hand strap once over your hand. With further use just slide your hand in between the strap and the deck grip. This will ensure the Velcro remains attached lasting for many years.

POD Handboard Tips are available on the following link, www.podware.com.au/handboard-tips.

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