Sylvain Perlot

Aka: Lito.

Local Wave: Guidel Beach.

Current Ride: HB EPIC PE 40.5 and Pod Fins 3.

Sponsors: HB Bodyboards, POD and Kameha Surf Shop.

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ONE Place that I want to ride before I die? The Wedge and Mexico.

ONE Chance I took that changed my life? Live to 500m of the beach.

ONE Song that makes me stop and listen? Hey Somebody by big Scary !

ONE Thing you were doing before the interrogation? watching "Viking".

One Stance: Prone and DK

One Look ? Boardshort-Marcel !

One Thanks ? Big Up to Patrice and Adrien Chrzan from HB Bodyboards and POD Europe, Matt from Kameha Surf Shop and all the BZH team !

Thanks a lot, I find the POD products really awesome!