• POD Fins PF2s Black/Lime -Lime POD Handboard
  • POD Fins PF2s Blue/Orange - Aqua Blue POD Handboard
  • POD Fins PF2s Blue/Orange - Orange POD Handboard

POD Handboards & POD Fins PF2s

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Product Description

The results are in! Our customers love the outstanding durability and performance of our POD Bodysurfing Handboards also called handplanes or handsurfers.

Now you can choose any POD Handboard with your choice of POD Fins – PF1s, PF2s or PF3 Evolution that best suits your preferred bodysurfing performance level.

If you’re looking for ultra-advanced surfing swim fins look no further! A step above our PF1’s, the POD Fins 2PF2s high quality rubber swim fins are ideal for bodysurfing. Users of our PF2 swim fins are amazed by their speed, power, and supreme comfort.

POD Handboard Tips are available on the following link, www.podware.com.au/handboard-tips.

*Note: Please use the foot size chart below for all models of POD fins. If you have any doubts whatsoever, please visit your local stockist.

If the length of your foot is slightly longer but matches the same width in the sizes below, there is still plenty of toe room because the foot pocket itself has been extended for versatile fittings and to ensure a comfortable fit.

POD does not recommend fitting two foot sizes down in any size fins, as this may tear or crack the sole including snapping the fin strap from over stretching, plus this will change the intended foot size to blade length ratio, including the structural fin strength vs. body weight which is not covered under warranty.

Most importantly rubber swim fins are intended for swimming not walking or running. Bending the blade beyond 45° in any direction from walking, running and/or impact on the blade will cause the sole or blade to tear/crack will void any warranty.

POD Fins 2 Foot Chart

Product Reviews

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  1. great fun for the over 60s

    Posted by Frank on 11th Jan 2017

    Three of us (all over 60) bought handboards for body surfing and they are fantastic fun.

  2. excellent fins and handboard

    Posted by john murphy on 15th Apr 2016

    Terrific product and friendly professional owner.
    Thank you for your advice Shane
    A pleasure dealing with you