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POD Connection Extra Large Bicep Leash - Superior Bodyboarding

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Product Description

Pod Connection Superior Prone Extra Large Bicep Leash is the world's largest bodyboarders bicep strap that comfortably fits between 34cm to 41cm bicep, the strap is secured with a marine grade quality stainless steel buckle that guarantees no fragile break point in the strapping assembly. Now constructed with our latest quick release super loop in moments of need. Combined with the POD Connectors that have been strength tested and shown to stretch 5 to 6 times its original length.

Enjoy the waves knowing you will never lose your board thanks to the world strongest connection between a bodyboard leash and swivel connector. Our advanced design gets its innovation from the structures of strength that exist in nature. This technology together with the very best materials available results in a bicep leash that has earned the name, “Superior”. Only available in stealth black badge and solid black cord.


POD Connection Prone Bicep Leash


POD Connection Features

All Premium Grade Components.

POD Connection: Shane Vassallo at POD Ware has proudly designed three unique advanced organically shaped connectors to suit the essential requirements of both Bodyboarding and Surfing sports.

Bodyboard Leash Connectors: The highest grade urethane combined with the unique POD Connectors enables both to stretch to the utmost specification limits of the raw materials providing maximum durability.

Stainless Steel Buckle: Plastic buckles break at this X Large size bicep strap - Shane has introduced world's first marine grade stainless steel buckle to ensure 100% reliability.

*Strength Testing: Ambient temperature will vary stretch results.

Swivels: The marine grade stainless steel swivel shaft encased in a naturally greasy plastic barrel casing guarantees a smooth swivel shaft rotation, eliminating any fused parts from salt erosion.

Super Loop: Quick release in moments of need.

*Note: Before Bodyboarding always check for cuts in the cord from previous bodyboarding sessions.

From our Designer, Shane Vassallo:

“Since Peter Clarke the former owner of Full Bore pioneered the first swivel connector moulded over a cord in the 80’s, bodyboaders have been continually pushing wave riding performance to extreme levels. It was imperative that I match this with function, design & durability.

It was the structural strength in nature that inspired me to design the POD Connection. The shape and configuration enables the cord to stretch to its maximum raw material specifications; a goal I was very happy to achieve.

I hope my work inspires the next generation in leash design!

The Surfer Deserves It... CHASE IT®”

Designer, Shane Vassallo

Authorised Licence Agreement/s are welcome for any POD Connection - Registered Design AU 344685 - Unauthorised Use will be Vigorously Defended.

Product Videos

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Pod Connection = reliability for the surfer to take on the elements with confidence in bigger surf conditions. Review all three connectors types for body-boarding, competition surfing and big wave surfing @ www.podware.com.au

  • POD Connection
    Pod Connection = reliability for the surfer to take on the ele...

Other Details

Stainless Steel Buckle
Unique POD Connectors
Stainless Steel Swivel Shaft
Greasy Plastic Barrel Casing

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