Guillaume HABASQUE

AKA: Gwi, Gwi-home ABAX

Local Wave: Kerlouan and the 3 K, Finistère North, Bretagne in France.

Current Ride: HB 41.5 EPIC PE and HB 42 3D Brad Hughes model.  POD Fins PF3.

Sponsors: HB Bodyboards, POD and Breizh Boogie.

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ONE Place that I want to ride before I die? Mexico and New York.

ONE Thing that I am uncoordinated @? Everything, when I' m wearing my glasses...

ONE Chance I took that changed my life? To have a brother (Fred HABASQUE) who bought the first French Bodyboard magazine ("Bodyrider") when I was 12.

ONE Song that makes me stop and listen? Beastie Boys.

ONE Thing you were doing before the interrogation? Working

ONE Girl who makes me shiver? Mine.

ONE Stance? Prone AND DK.

ONE Motto that I live by? My Grandma "Mémé Théven" always said me… "Never to procrastinate, that you can make today"...

ONE Bodyboarder that will shape the future? Kids from here, Jean-seb Geoffroy, Yann salaun, Julien Le Sehan.

ONE Achievement that I want to accomplish? Become a FILF.

ONE Booger flick that never gets old? Stewart or Davo Fever.

ONE Website that is cool? GeeK à farces :

ONE Move that makes me ride? Prone floater.

ONE Image that I will always remember? Eppo’s Air at Pipe in 1997?

ONE item of clothing that I couldn’t live without? SHOES !!!!!!!!!

ONE Piece of advice? Do that I say and not that I do!

ONE Value that? Family and friends.

ONE Book which does not put me to sleep? Le boogie or a "Walking Dead"

ONE Place where I feel @ ease? In the Water. Closed.

ONE mate who brings out my best in the water? Davo fever.

ONE Person who I respect? My Brother Fred Habasque.

ONE Fear that scares me? Jellyfish (It's less "Rock Roll" than sharks but there aren't here...)

ONE Fashion fad which cracks me up? Fashion cracks me up but I love that!

ONE Look? Moustache.

One Thank?  pOD, HB Hot Buttered Bodyboards & Tiki Wetsuits (and more specially Patrice Chrzan the french distributor HB, pOd & Tiki Wetsuits, Shane "the pOdfather" Vassallo,  my bro and all TST! The photographers and friends Laurent Bourdier, G. Shot, Yves Quéré, Yann Abgrall, R. Gladu...