Fabrice Moulin

Results: 6th IBA DK World Tour 2010

Age: 15 in my mind

Location: Anglet Basque Country, FRANCE

Home break: Club

Style: DK 20 years

Natural/Goofy: Goofy

Why DK: that’s the best style

Favourite DK Riders: my grand pa Keiiiiittthhh Sasaki, Jacky Buder, Chris Won Ton Taloa, Mason and so many others

Favourite DK movie/section: Untouchables by Joseph Libby

Prefer front hand/back hand: I don’t give a fuck about that, the most important is the shape of the wave.

Favourite DK move: no moves, carving, just style. But i hate the grab and 360, DK-rollo-to-prone, reverse cause the guy lost his rail.

Future for DK (eg moves, direction): biggest tubes, air, back flip but the most important still the style.

DK rippers at your local: all Dropknee riders in the world

Shout outs: Thanks to Keith and My Parents, My sponsors POD, PRIMO custom bodyboards and SEN NO SEN.....Don't forget to support http://www.deuxmainshaiti.com

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