Ella Camart

From Reunion Island.

Now living Britain just over one year.

Local spot: La tortue, and now nowhere!!! I’m lost!

Current ride : HB Brad Hughes limited 40’ and POD fins PF2

Sponsors : HB and Pod accessories

ONE Place that I want to ride before I die? West oz!

ONE Song that makes me stop and listen? Changes Riddim

ONE Thing you were doing before the interrogation? Working on an oral for school

ONE Boy who makes me shiver? Mine.

ONE Stance? Prone

ONE Motto that I live by? Life is too short, so live your dream!

ONE Bodyboarder that will shape the future? Some French guys like Yoan Florantin, Martin Mouradian, Charly Chapelet …

ONE Achievement that I want to accomplish? Live in Tahiti

ONE Booger flick that never gets old? Ryan Hardy

ONE Website that is cool? www.marmiton.fr Héhé

ONE Move that makes me ride? Backflip but I can’t do it

ONE Image that I will always remember? My mother’s smile surfing the first time in La Tortue!

ONE item of clothing that I couldn’t live without? My flip-flaps

ONE Piece of advice? Be strong


ONE Book which does not put me to sleep? La septième vague!

ONE Place where I feel good? In the warm water!!!!!!!!

ONE mate who brings out my best in the water? Ti peck and friends who believe in me!

ONE Person who I respect? My mother and my father

ONE Fear that scares me? Too big waves

ONE Look? No look!!!

ONE Meal I like? All with sugar!

ONE Thing I do when I don’t surf? I love cooking with my friend Marion B.! Going to bodysculp with Marion and Celine!!

ONE Hardest Thing I had to do? Leave Reunion Island, and surf with a 5 4 3 wetsuit!

ONE Thing I hate? Rain!

ONE wish? To surf without wetsuit for life! But it seems to be hard in Britain!

One Thanks? HB and POD staff, my friend in Britain that help me to continue, my parents who help me in every project, Yoan Florantin and his parents, Romain Bécouarn and Derek Crater who always welcomed me in the South west…